1 Month Course

New to Yoga? This 1 month’s course is the perfect choice for you. It is exclusively designed for beginners who would like to be gradually introduced to the yogic philosophy, practices, and way of life. If this is the first time you’ve been taking a Yoga class in Palakkad, We suggest this batch!

3 Month Course

We have developed many treatment programs dealing with diseases like diabetes hypertension, gastrointestinal disorders, and more. We also implement dynamic yogic exercises in our Yoga and Meditation Centre that combine fitness training with stress relief through active workout.

6 Month Course

In this program, we provide intensive training in Yoga, offering participants the   opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the study and practice of classical Ashtanga Yoga, while experiencing daily life in a highly spiritual atmosphere.

12 Month Course

The advanced 12 months course involves a comprehensive Yoga Instructor Training designed in continuance with practice through concentrated Yogic self-discipline and stately Vedanta Philosophy and Yoga sutras. The objective of this holistic approach of Yoga is to bring all-round personality development of the students at all levels.